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how to unclog toilet

How to Unblock Toilet at Home

If you don’t have the necessary tools to clear a clogged toilet, you may wonder how to unblock the toilet at home. Luckily, several easy-to-use solutions are available, and we’ll cover a few below. The first method involves using an ice cube, which works to soften any blockage in your toilet. It may be too heavy to push through at first, but with some practice, you’ll have a clean toilet again in no time.

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Dish soap

If you are having trouble flushing your toilet, you can use liquid dish soap to unclog it. You will need to choose a safe brand for septic tanks and use a generous amount. The dish soap’s hydrophilic and hydrophobic sides interact differently with water, but in general, they both work to loosen a clog in the toilet. Since clogged waste contains fatty molecules, the liquid dish soap will break up … read more