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Ice dams on roof

Heat Mats Can Help Prevent Ice Buildup on Your Roof

Benefits of Heat Mats

Snow and ice can damage your roof during the winter. In fact, if too much snow accumulates on your flat roof, it can collapse it.  In addition, water damage can occur when gutters get blocked.  To prevent roof damage, some homeowners install heat mats and other products on the roof to help melt snow and ice and allow water to drain gradually and safely.

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Heat Mats Can Automatically Melt Snow and Ice

When most people think about a heating and air-conditioning system, they are usually thinking about cooling or heating their home interior. However, in the winter, you can also use your heating system to prevent snow and ice build-up. One way to do this is to install heat mats under the roof surface. The heating element will warm the roof enough to melt accumulated ice and snow. This can also be … read more