The Future of HVAC Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the guiding theme among the various industries with regards to the development of new technologies. Moreover, no other industry is developing tech with energy efficiency in mind like the home heating and cooling industry.

The benefits of energy efficiency are accrued to our country are many as a whole as it reduces the amount of carbon footprint that we leave during our daily activities. In addition to this, there are financial benefits to be gained from being energy efficient. One of the main benefits is a reduction of money spent in paying utility bills for heating and cooling our homes.

Herein, we sample some of the technology pertaining heating and cooling technologies in the pipeline that will get Canada to the energy efficiency it wants to attain in the future. The technology, as highlighted by Canada’s Ministry of Energy aim at improving the heating and cooling at the same time reducing the amount of energy used to achieve this important function.

Smart Home Heating & Cooling

Smart home heating has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Among the most notable smart technology developments is the smart thermostat that automates the element of controlling heating and cooling. The next phase of the process is smart homes, powered by sensors that are constantly fed with the ambient conditions. This constant stream of information will enable a greater degree of control of the temperature.HVAC Efficiency

Advanced Window Technology

We all the importance of windows in letting light into the house. However, few people appreciate the role played windows in sealing the ambient air in. Berkeley National Laboratory is looking to better the existing window technology to improve the sealing function of the windows. The technology they look to develop include sensors that automate the activation of shades to reduce the penetration of sun’s rays thus reducing the energy required to cool homes.

Advanced Heat Pumps

The importance of heat pumps has come to the forefront in improving heating efficiency, by using far less energy. The future is still brighter. Soon there will gas-powered heat pumps that will have burners that are by far greener as they will be low emission burners.

Advanced Insulation

Betterment of the heating and cooling system will yield little to no benefits if the insulation technology deployed does not improve. To this end, there is research into foam insulation that will work better, creating a buffer between the house and the exterior environment, therefore, insulating the house better.

Reflective Roofs

Improving the roofing technology to include a reflective element will serve to reduce the amount of solar insulation that penetrates into the house. This will reduce the cooling needs during the summer period. However, the technology should be conditioned in such a way that it allows the roof to soak heat during winter.

Current Situation

Although the majority of the aforementioned technology is future tech, there are existing technologies aimed at improving HVAC efficiency. Contact experts in that field and you will be surprised to learn how much you can improve your heating and cooling system.