how to unclog toilet

How to Unblock Toilet at Home

If you don’t have the necessary tools to clear a clogged toilet, you may wonder how to unblock the toilet at home. Luckily, several easy-to-use solutions are available, and we’ll cover a few below. The first method involves using an ice cube, which works to soften any blockage in your toilet. It may be too heavy to push through at first, but with some practice, you’ll have a clean toilet again in no time.

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Dish soap

If you are having trouble flushing your toilet, you can use liquid dish soap to unclog it. You will need to choose a safe brand for septic tanks and use a generous amount. The dish soap’s hydrophilic and hydrophobic sides interact differently with water, but in general, they both work to loosen a clog in the toilet. Since clogged waste contains fatty molecules, the liquid dish soap will break up these molecules and force the waste to flush.

Hot water

Clogged toilets aren’t just an inconvenience. They can disrupt your life. To break up any stuck debris, you should try pouring hot water into the toilet from the waist up. Do not use bo ling water as it may damage the toilet’s bowl. Instead, use hot water to soften the blockage. If that does ‘t work, try using dish soap.


A wire hanger can make a great tool for unblocking a toilet. Uncoiled, it s an excellent way to clean out the toilet bowl. Make sure to use a rag to keep the wire from scratching the toilet’s interior. Once you’ve uncoiled it, stick it down the drain. Be careful not to snag the hanger.


Toilets can be pretty messy, especially when they are full. But there are other ways to solve this problem. Rather than using a plunger, you can use baking soda, vinegar, or hot water to dissolve the blockage. You may also try using a wire hanger.

Wet-dry vacuum

To unblock a toilet, you can use a wet-dry vacuum. However, it is essential to remember that a regular household vacuum will not work. Don’t use it if you’re unsure whether yours is suitable. In addition, you should line the drain with old towels to act as a seal. Next, insert the wet-dry vacuum hose several inches into the drain.

Wet-dry vacuum with a wet-dry vacuum

You can unclog a clogged toilet with a wet-dry vacuum cleaner. It is highly effective, but it is also dangerous. Make sure to wear plastic gloves and avoid getting the vacuum hose wet. Before you s art vacuuming, remove any other items in the toilet bowl, such as tissues. Also, dispose of the old towel, which may have become wet while cleaning the toilet.

Using a wet-dry vacuum

One of the easiest ways to unclog a toilet at home is to use a wet-dry vacuum. To use a wet dry vac, first, connect your vacuum cleaner’s hose to the water supply in your toilet. Locate the water shutoff valve underneath the toilet tank on the left side. Next, turn on the vacuum. The nozzle should be positioned deep in the bowl to dislodge the clog, making it easier to flush. If you have a rag, make sure it is made from microfiber material and not good shop towels.