What’s That Smell?

A repair is inevitable once you notice a chemical smell coming from your furnace. The scent itself can indicate the possible problem. Suspect a gas leak once you start smelling spoiled eggs around you. Keep your hands off of your device and call a furnace expert when it comes to gas problems. Call the gas company too to let them know of the leak at your home.

A burning smell is not good news too. Turn off your device and contact an expert as soon as you can once you smell anything burning in your system especially if the scent lingers for days or even weeks on end. Do not put it off or your family’s health and safety will be compromised if an expert can’t get to the bottom of the problem right away.

Maintaining your HVAC systems not only protects the equipment – it also protects the people in your building from discomfort and IAQ concerns, and protects you from a lawsuit. There are many ways to make sure that indoor air is kept at appropriate levels:

Keep an eye on the air vents – you can find out if mold or other pollutants are entering your occupied space.
Watch for a musty odor.
Keep in touch with tenants/occupants, and ask them to participate in surveys regarding air quality.
Listen to people’s complaints and take them seriously.

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Through HVAC systems, we are able to spare ourselves the discomfort of feeling too hot or too cold or just simply feeling like the air temperature does not suit the weather. You get to cool down or warm up by just pushing a button on your HVAC unit. But the real question is, despite all the benefits laid out, why should you install an HVAC system?

Clean or replace your air filter

Air filters keep your system from taking on dirt and debris that can clog its components and hinder its performance. A dirty air filter will be less effective in filtering out this debris and force your system to work harder to achieve the necessary cooling results. This will not only raise your monthly energy bill, but more quickly deteriorate your air conditioner.

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HVAC in itself is a technology that is responsible for indoor and vehicular comfort. It aims to provide indoor comfort and excellent air quality to anyone using it. It has been an important part of many industries, residences, businesses and the likes where safe building conditions are regulated with respect to the temperature and humidity while utilizing the air from outdoors. Almost everyone has had their fair share of being able to savor the benefits of an HVAC system.

While HVAC systems give us a whole lot of benefits such utmost comfort, energy efficiency and they spare us the trouble of going to lengths just to keep ourselves cool or warm, they can also be dangerous as they can threaten your health and safety when not maintained regularly and properly. It is like a ticking time bomb that can explode or release deadly contaminants into the very air that you breathe. These problems can be prevented, though, if you keep your part as a responsible HVAC unit owner.

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