Prevent Allergens and Pollutants in your Home

allergensLet’s face it — allergies are a pain in the neck! Not only does they cause sneezing and sniffling, they also can cause sore throats, headaches, sinus infections, itchy eyes, fatigue and other symptoms.  Often you will need HVAC professionals to help you avoid allergens and pollutants that cause these nasty allergies.


A recent report shows that you can reduce the risk of young children of developing asthma by exposing them to high extremes of allergens.  The study consisted of 560 high-risk newborns from four cities in the USA.  Each infant was followed from birth.  The doctors evaluated the asthma status for 442 children who had reached 7 years old.

Of the 442 children, 130 or 29 percent had asthma. The researchers collected allergen samples from the children’s homes during three different points of time: when the children hit three months old, two years old, then three years old. They noticed that the children who had been exposed to greater concentrations of cat, mouse, and cockroach allergens during their first three years of life were less likely to develop asthma. Though dog allergens had a similar association, they noted that the statistic significance was largely up to chance.

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Above you learned how you can reduce the odds of your young child developing asthma, now we want to keep allergens and pollutants out of our home.

While Spring is a glorious time as  we say goodbye to winter and snow, flowers and warm weather bring other challenges such as allergens and pollutants.  Allergens make their way into homes on the backs of mold, dander, animal droppings and airborne dust particles.  Once allergens are in the home, it doesn’t take long before eyes become red, and noses are running especially if your prone to respiratory difficulties.

A well-maintained HVAC system is known to dramatically reduce the ill effects of allergens by keeping indoor air pristine during the warm spring season. The beauty of a properly functioning HVAC system is that it constantly recycles and filters stale and contaminated air. The better your filtration system, the less airborne contaminants you have to worry about.

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Spring can be a fun time of the year unless you suffer from allergies. Help to prevent your family suffering from allergies by ensuring your home is clean of allergens and pollutants.