How to Maintain Your Heating and Cooling Systems

How to Maintain Your Heating and Cooling Systems

According to our friends at Plumbers Edmonton, here’s how to keep your heating and cooling systems in top shape:

– Always be on time with your air filter changes. In order to stay on track, begin checking the air filter on a monthly basis and implementing a cleaning regimen or a replacement every three months. By doing this, you prevent overly high cooling and heating costs by facilitating the job of your air systems. This makes it a quick and easy way to save money on energy.

– While many people … read more

Heating and Quality of Air Saving Tips and Pointers


This is a basic and probably the simplest heating saving tip. Don´t waste a sunny day, use the sun as a form of heat. Open your blinds towards the ceiling do they let in as much sun as possible just make sure they are closed by sundown.

Try reversing the setting of your ceiling fan while keeping it on low. When the heat enters your upward placed blinds the fans setting will spread the heat evenly around the room.

Although you may not know it a fireplace, due to the warm air being escorted out of your home via … read more

The Future of HVAC Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the guiding theme among the various industries with regards to the development of new technologies. Moreover, no other industry is developing tech with energy efficiency in mind like the home heating and cooling industry.  See more at Air Conditioning Edmonton.

The benefits of energy efficiency are accrued to our country are many as a whole as it reduces the amount of carbon footprint that we leave during our daily activities. In addition to this, there are financial benefits to be gained from being energy efficient. One of the main benefits is a reduction of money spent … read more

Smart Chairs Can Be an Excellent Complement to Your Home’s HVAC System

Why Use Smart Chairs?

Sometimes, it may appear that your furnace has a somewhat blunt approach to heating the house during winter. As you set up the thermostat, it begins working to bring your home to the temperature you desire. According to experts, you can fine-tune this process to a certain extent using smart thermostats and modern pieces of technology, but usually, it’s still a sort of one-size-fits-all thing. A way to help members of your household taking control over their comfort is using heated smart chairs that can be controlled through your smartphone. Keep reading to learn more about … read more

Heat Mats Can Help Prevent Ice Buildup on Your Roof

Benefits of Heat Mats

Snow and ice can damage your roof during the winter. In fact, if too much snow accumulates on your flat roof, it can collapse it.  In addition, water damage can occur when gutters get blocked.  To prevent roof damage, some homeowners install heat mats and other products on the roof to help melt snow and ice and allow water to drain gradually and safely.

Heat Mats Can Automatically Melt Snow and Ice

When most people think about a heating and air-conditioning system, they are usually thinking about cooling or heating their home interior. However, in the … read more